Ten Documents You Can’t Afford To Be Without In Your New Apartment

Effective Coverage is an insurance provider dedicated to renters. In their article “Ten Documents You Can’t Afford To Be Without In Your New Apartment” their first suggestion is to do a walkthrough.

#1 Proof Of Your Apartment Walkthrough

Josh Rosenthal of MoveIn.space tells us that a copy of your apartment walkthrough is absolutely one of the ten documents every apartment dweller should have on hand.  The landlord probably has a check sheet, but you should take pictures as well.

Proving “it was like that at move-in” saves landlords and tenants from major headaches. It also helps insurance companies in case of loss.  These reasons are why I founded MoveIn.space – a super-simple means of documenting walkthrough inspections.

The service has launched and you can sign up for MoveIn.space here right now!  It’s quick and painless to use, just log in with your existing Google account and start making notes and adding pictures of the condition of your apartment.  Once you’re done, copies of the walkthrough can be sent to both you and the landlord by email.

Just having a list of things that are broken or missing isn’t enough.  If there’s a dispute between you and your landlord and it ends up in court, you’ll want those pictures to prove the condition of the apartment when you moved into it!




Should You Turn Your Residence Into a Rental?

When presenting decisions that a landlord should take when asking themselves “Should You Turn Your Residence Into a Rental?“,  Susan Johnston Taylor wrote about MoveIn.Space in U.S. News & World Report.

. . . MoveIn.Space . . . is designed to help landlords and tenants document each property’s condition. While renting units to young professionals, . . . “you definitely get people who are very delicate with the property, but sometimes they can be a little more boisterous,” . . . “It was like that when I moved in’ seems to be the biggest line,”