Does anyone have any experiences with Green Fiber Insulation?

I am a soon-to-be new homeowner; buying a new build Townhome. One of the optional extras is Green Fiber insulation. I had no idea what that was so I did a bit of research, and from what I read, it's good for sound dampening among other things.

I am a night shift worker, so it's especially important to me, that the noise levels from other residents be as minial as possible. I would also like good insulation properties, regarding temperature and energy savings.

The price of this extra is 1k, I'm sure it's overpriced, as is everything… but is it worth it to even bother with this particular option, or should I just go with whatever is standard?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Got myself in a bit of a pickle with borrowing against my home

Little about my house:

I bought my house with the intention of fixing it up and renting it out, or selling it. Well after about 6 months of having my house I lost my job. I had to move into while putting as little money into as possible. Needless to say, I got my house liveable, and moved into it. The home still has issues, but they where issues i could live with.

That was about 3 years ago. Fast forward to now, I have my job in order and have kept my debts low, and all bills current. I also managed to maintain my credit score in the upper 700's, just under 800. Well now i wanna borrow against my house. I have been shopping around, while also shopping around for an auto loan to buy a truck. I got the auto loan, got my truck. I also got approved for a home loan. Sounds pretty sweet, till I realized a glaring problem. The home "assessment" is not like the other home assessments I have had. The previous ones all where external assessments of my property. This one is a full blown house inspection, inside and out.

Sigh…. My floor joists in my house and dry rotted, and need badly replaced. Hence the home loan to new floors through out the house. Well, naturally I found out it is a real home inspection and I am freaking. I have already made the deposit for the inspection. The house has to be assessed for at least 37,000 for me to get the minimum amount they offer. The other assessments are for 50k. There is two of them, so iw as like no sweat I got this shit. Well now I am not so sure.

Soooo, I have been debating on tearing out my flooring room by room and running new floor joists and new flooring throughout the home. I can mustard u p a full week off work to do this. I can pull the funds together to do this. And I can do it without putting debt on my credit cards.

I'm just wondering if this owuld be helpful in my situation, or not. And any advice from home inspectors to help me get my assessment up above the 37k mark

My house was built in 1943, with what I believe to have had an addition added on in the form of a utility room later on (floor joists in this room are perfect, along with the wood looking not as old as the rest of the house)

The home needs a lot, but for me it has worked for 3 years. It needs the electrical updated (no grounds in most of the rooms) it needs the bathroom gutted and completely redone, need the kitchen remodeled with new cabinets. I would like to tear all the wood panel out and drywall the home. The garage needs tore down and rebuilt (has a rotted wall that has made the structure lean away from the house. I also had to tarp the rood to keep my stuff from getting wet).

That's everything I can think of aside from a new water heater, furnace, and central air unit. The home is a 2 bedroom 1 bath ranch style home. Coming around 800 square foot (I live alone)

any advice? Am I being paranoid for wanting to try and fix some of the stuff before the inspection to get a better assessment value? Should I not do anything and hope for the best? Will the inspector view the repairs as damming evidence the home is worth nothing?

The biggest plus to the home right now is the foundation is beautiful, it has a new roof 2 years ago, and the plumbing was contracted out so the home has a new water main from the city line to the water heater, and various points fixed and replaced in the pipes.

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IamA Home Inspector. Got questions about your house? AMA!

I'm a Home Inspector in Maryland, and have inspected houses from brand-new construction to early-1800s cabins. Happy to answer any house-related questions, or questions about the business of home inspection. Ask away!

Our website: Inspections by Bob

UPDATE: Thanks for all the great questions! Time to step away from my desk. Feel free to keep asking; I might just not answer right away.

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[PA] Interested in becoming a home inspector – Where do I start?

I own a construction company in Pennsylvania, and am interested in becoming licensed as a home inspector as well. I'm not sure where to get started with obtaining a license, etc.

A Google search turns up about half-a-dozen results for different home inspector associations.

What entity is responsible for licensing home inspectors in PA? Are any of those home inspector associations held in higher regard than others?

I appreciate any guidance you all can offer!

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