Making Your Landlord Adore You Sneakily

You either love or hate your landlord, but you should really take the time and give some thought into making sure that they at least like you. Realtor did an article collaboration with Fox News in order to provide tenants some quick tips in how to be sneaky in making sure that your landlord falls in love with you— no, not the romantic kind of love, but something much better.

As mentioned in the article, what you’re basically doing is “sucking up” to your landlord, but hey, we’ll just call it as building an amazing rapport with the person that takes a good chunk out of your paychecks in exchange for a roof over your head. Why do you have to exert effort, though?

Because a happy landlord = happy tenant. Similar to the “happy life, happy wife” philosophy, but less stressful. You just have to do the things that you’re expected to do — you know, the things that┬ápeople don’t really do anymore because there’s some sort of social stigma against nice people nowadays.

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