Dealing With A Crazy Landlord

This isn’t a perfect world, so a landlord who is lovely and won’t make your head hurt doesn’t exist. If you’re really unlucky, though, you might end up with the landlord described in a letter sent to LA West Media’s Inside Real Estate. The landlord had the audacity to send an email to his tenants (who are all still in college) full of comments about how “stupid” college-aged kids are. Of course, the mother of one of those tenants got upset and asked for advice regarding the rights of her daughter against the landlord.

There’s some pretty good advice in the answer from the article. California is pretty tough when it comes fair housing laws, and what the landlord did might qualify as something that’s discriminatory, considering that he’s male and his tenants are all females.

As for Azita, the mother of one of the tenants, it might really be best if she asked her daughter and her daughter’s roommates to vacate the property before filing any legal actions. The dude seems a little off center, so having physical space may be best.

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