Can A Tenant Be Evicted By A New Landlord?

So, you’re a tenant at this wonderful place, then all of a sudden, you get a new landlord. You’re confused because you loved the previous one and now the new one is implementing all these rules. You’re worried that you might get evicted, but did you know that new landlords can’t just evict pre-existing tenants?

That’s right. According to an article on What Mortgage, there are certain laws that protect a tenant from being kicked out of a property by a new landlord. You might say that it only applies to the UK, but if you read the article carefully, it can actually be applied to US properties as well, as the laws between the two countries are quite similar.

If you’re a tenant who suddenly has a new landlord, always know that they’re not legally allowed to kick you out of the place if you still have some time left on your lease. Sure, they’re allowed to increase the rent, but they have to give you a notice beforehand. Also, they’re not allowed to enter your premises without informing you 24 hours prior. Knowing your rights as a tenant might be a bit confusing, but it helps you find out if a landlord is being shady or not.

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