Getting What You Want From Your Landlord

Yes, you can get what you want from your landlord, despite what people say. Even if he’s the stingiest of individuals, there are ways to get through his hard shell so he can soften up enough to give in.

Fox5 Atlanta has a good article on the four ways to get what you want from your landlord. And nope, you won’t be required to do any witchcraft. It provides advice that’s really obvious but uncommonly followed by some tenants like paying the rent in full and on time, to the surprising ones like being an unofficial property monitor for your landlord.

You might find out that it takes some work before your landlord starts to favor you, but hey, nothing in life is free anymore. Just think about the days when you were still in school and you tried your hardest to become the teacher’s pet, even if it meant that the other kids won’t like you. That’s how it is with landlords — you gotta try hard (and maybe make a few enemies with your neighbors) before they attempt to consider any of your requests. Who knows, maybe they’d give you a discount for next month’s rent or let you adopt all the dogs at the shelter if you’re good enough.

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