The buyer wants a release before the home inspection

The buyer wants us to give him a release before he has completed the home inspection. He's under contract and has put down a $500 EMD. The house has been off the market for 2 weeks and we want to keep the EMD since he's trying to get out early (and won't say why). Our realtor is saying for us to give up because he can just do the home inspection himself, but I thought it had to be done by a professional. What do you all think?

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Consumer & inspector article newly translated into Spanish: Preparación ante Emergencias: Cómo Pueden Ayudar los Inspectores a Sus Clientes (Emergency Preparedness: How Home Inspectors Can Help Their Clients)

Es muy peligroso enfrentar crecientes inundaciones o incendios, muchos propietarios afrontan amenazas estacionales a su seguridad que los obliga a abandonar sus propiedades, al menos temporariamente.
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Question about using blank switch inserts

I removed a light/ceiling fan combo that used two switches in our bedroom and replaced it with a light only. I capped the unused wires and removed the 2nd switch, and replaced that with a blank switch insert. Is the presence of that blank going to cause any problems for us during an inspection? Are they red flags for anything or no big deal?

I ask because I have a bunch of rooms that I need to replace the ceiling fans in and I don't want to create extra trouble for myself.

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