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MoveIn.Space provides free tools for anyone moving where they live.

We aim to avoid conflict

Our mission is to create peace between landlords and tenants by adding visibility to a crucial, but often-overlooked and unorganized process.

MoveIn.Space/walkthrough makes property inspection walkthroughs quick and easy by organizing the steps and communication. Both parties get an agreed-upon record of the condition of a space at the given time and may refer to it online.

“It was like that when I moved in.” is the start of most disputes when renting a property. Every amateur or professional landlord, and every tenant of a long- or short-term home or office rental has faced this dispute. Too often there is little or no documentation to validate either side’s claim, resulting in bad feelings or even a trip to a mediator or judge to decide how a security deposit is allocated.

Landlord Horror Story

“Tenant told me that the refrigerator was dented when they moved in. However, the refrigerator was new when they moved in and the ball peen hammer that made the dents was still in the kitchen and had color from the refrigerator on it. Unfortunately, I could not prove this in court.”
— a landlord in DC, USA

Tenant Horror Story

“[Letting agency] took money from my deposit to have broken window seals fixed that I had reported as faulty on the day I moved in.”
— a renter in London, UK

For renters and landlords

Landlords and tenants of short- or long-term rentals of bedrooms, homes, and office space will benefit from using MoveIn.Space/walkthrough.

For alternative credit

MoveIn.Space/walkthrough creates a “usage report” of how a renter treated a property. This facet of an alternative credit score is especially useful to people who lack a rental history or good credit.

For the greater good

Housing advocates use MoveIn.Space/walkthrough to increase trust with new landlords. The advocate has a portfolio of “usage reports” of people that they placed in housing so that the new landlord can quickly see the what to expect from subsequent placements.

Led by Josh Rosenthal

Josh Rosenthal is a real estate technology enthusiast who had a successful career investing in real estate with his earnings as a software developer, success manager, and as a solution architect. He has a following in the PropTech community through his microblog @RealEstateTek where he provides pertinent news about RETech, CRETech, IoT, SmartHome, RECrowdfunding, and even the industry applications of big data.


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