Tips for Moving Into and Out of Rented Property

When looking at property to rent it is easy to get caught up in the bigger details: the size of rooms, whether it has a fitted kitchen, the general state of the bathroom or if there is enough storage space. Viewings should be used to look at the finer details too, where possible – it’s equally important to check for damp patches, cracks in walls and the general condition of upholstery and fittings.

The best time to view any property is during the day, as natural light is much more revealing than artificial light. However, this might not be possible if viewings need to take place after work or during the winter months, when the light is gloomy.

Viewing is also a good time to ask questions about when the property has been decorated or renovated – of course, if the viewing is through an estate agent, it’s unlikely you’re going to get an honest answer; but if you approach it like Sherlock Holmes and try to gain as much evidence as possible, it’s unlikely you’ll need to rely on the exact answers from a letting agent.

So, now you’ve made the leap and you have the keys to your new home and the next chapter in your life.
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