Pre-fill a Walkthrough Inspection Report via Simple RESTful API

We just made it easier to prepare a walkthrough inspection report for someone else to complete. Simply add known values as a parameter to a URL and MoveIn.Space will pre-populate (i.e. pre-fill) the report and notify the person who is to perform the inspection (i.e. the “Inspector”).

This is great for:

  • tenant management websites; and
  • landlords and property managers using even basic automation; and
  • anyone who needs to create and assign walkthrough inspection reports.

Pre-Fill an Inspection Report

The API knowledgebase article will explain how the URL may be as simple as


to simply assign a blank walkthrough inspection report to someone (i.e. an “Inspector”).
You can also include all or some of the following pieces of information.

  • landlord(s) email addressses
  • housemate(s) email addressses
  • move-in date
  • move-out date
  • date to send a reminder to all involved parties
  • property address
  • transaction identifier — a unique ID you use to correlate a report on MoveIn.Space with a transaction on your system.

Track Your Traffic

Or, if you simply want to track which Inspectors come from your link, you only need the following URL.


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Beta is Born

Please try the private beta of MoveIn.Space/walkthrough and tell us:

  • what do you like?
  • what can be added?

Use the Beta

MoveIn.Space is an easy online walkthrough inspection tool for a landlord and tenant to increase the peace:

  1. create a walkthrough report
  2. get reminded to do it again
  3. compare the move-in and move-out reports

Prove “it was like that at move-in” and reduce security deposit-related conflicts.

It’s Free

MoveIn.Space is free for both landlords and tenants, and will soon include additional features.